Advice and Rose Care


Potted roses can be planted throughout the year, as long as it is frost-free, but particularly during summer time. Potted roses should only be planted end of May / beginning of June when ample roots have developed. The right time has come when white roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot.


During summer the best time of the day for planting is in the morning or in the late afternoon. Please do not plant on hot days and during midday heat.


For planting please remove the pot and put the rose into the well-prepared planting hole deep enough so that the grafting point will be approx. 5 cm below ground. Do not use fertilizer, but you may mix 2 year old compost, rose soil or topsoil into the ground. Well watering afterwards. The roses need regular watering during the following weeks. Roses should be fed at the first four weeks after planting, but only until end of July.


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