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Planting of potted roses

Planting potted roses: Our expert tips



Pot roses vs. bare root: These are the differences

Hobby gardeners can purchase roses for their own garden in different versions - either as root products, in bales or in pots. Pots are usually available in stores all year round. Since it has already grown in the pot, you don't buy the famous pig in a poke and can already assess the plant visually and select it accordingly. Since the rose was planted directly in the pot and has not yet left it, you can usually rule out injuries to the roots. And even if you're in a hurry, you should plant pot roses because they grow and thrive as soon as they're in the ground. There are usually no problems with growth if planted correctly.


Planting pot roses: instructions

Good news for those in a hurry: You can plant potted roses whenever you like. Unlike planting bare root roses, you don't have to wait until a certain time of year. In any case, it makes sense to have weather without frost. Important: Only take the roses out of the pot when the roots are well rooted. This is usually the case from the end of May / beginning of June. You can also tell by the white roots coming out of the bottom of the pot. In summer, particularly hot days and midday heat should be avoided.

Before planting pot roses, water them thoroughly and allow them to drain well. Then carefully remove them from the pot - this is best done upside down.

Attention: Please do not prune the roots!

1. If necessary, improve the soil with compost (aged at least 2 years), rose soil or topsoil. Attention: Please do not use fertilizer in the planting hole!

2. Dig the planting hole. To find the right size, use the root system of the pot rose as a guide: The grafting point should be about 5 centimeters deep in the ground.

3. You can lightly tamp down the soil around the plant. A small dam made of earth keeps the water on the plant.

4. Water thoroughly and water regularly in the coming weeks. As with all roses, the following applies here: please avoid waterlogging!

5. You can fertilize around four weeks after planting, but no later than the end of July.

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