Advice and Rose Care


When planting new roses please mix well aged compost under the soil. Please use organic material only, such as horn shavings.

Roses need to be fed every year at the beginning of the growing season. Using fertilizer ensures that roses develop resistant leaves and flower constantly. Best time for feeding is when the forsythia is blooming, but at least eight weeks after planting in springtime.

Long term fertilizer with an efficacy of approx. six months, recommended for sandy soils, feeds the roses during the whole summer.

Long term fertilizers with an efficacy of approx. 3 – 4 months should be applied mid of June / beginning of July for boosting the second bloom.

Please do not use nitrogen fertilizer from August onwards. A portion of potassium helps hardening the shoots and protects them against frost.

The instructions of the fertilizer manufacturer should be read and followed carefully.

For best results lightly rake the fertilizer into the top 2 – 5 cm of soil.

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