Advice and Rose Care

Winter protection


A well-done preparation is the best to prevent any winter damages. The roses should be planted deep enough and should be fed appropriately for the time of the year. Minor pruning helps avoid dehydration.



In order to protect the roses against frost, the plants should be covered with soil (no peat, no mulch) round the grafting point end of November / beginning of December, when temperatures fall below zero. You may cover the mound with conifer twigs.


Potted roses

can be treated in the same way. The tubs should be protected additionally with special collars out of jute, liner, perforated bubble wrap or coconut mats. Choose a well-protected place. Potted roses should be watered during winter once in a while and please ensure sufficient drainage.


Standard roses

need special care against frost damages, due to their grafting point being exposed at the end of the pile.


Preferably fill the leafless top with wood-shavings or straw. Please pay special attention to protect the grafting point. Then wrap the top with jute, liner or imbricatedly arranged conifer twigs.


The pile itself only need to be wrapped in very cold areas. Young standard roses can alternatively be bound to the ground to overwinter in the soil.


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