Green Island® Caribia

Green Island® Caribia
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Green Island® Caribia
Green Island® Caribia
This variety should be, like all the other Green Island® varieties too, to be cut wide open. Only then it will show their real beauty!
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Denomination Tan15057
introduced 2018
VBN-Nr. 121789
Type HT
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Green Island® Caribia
Particularities The flowers has to be cut wide open.
Flower size very large
Average stem length 60 - 80
Productivity good
Vase life very good
Current production areas Germany
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Info, Planting & Care

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Which variety is the most scented rose?

You will find our most scented roses in the category “Fragrant roses”. The intensity is characterized by little stars. The more stars the higher the intensity

When is the best time for planting roses?

Roses can virtually be planted throughout the complete year except during extraordinary wheather conditions such as frozen soil, waterlogging and droughtiness

Best time for preparing the winter protection?

From mid to end of November, depending on the region.

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