Bees and roses

When in springtime nature comes back to live and early flowering plants and trees show their first blooms one can hear and see bees and bumble bees buzzing through perennials and shrubs.

These and other insects are invaluable for the ecological balance and for the preservation of many wild plants.This is why it is so important to grow insect feeding plants.

The main food of insects is water, pollen and nectar. Nectar is needed as "fuel" and pollen is important for the protein supply of their brood.

Single flowers are most attractive as they deliver ample pollen. The stamen and the carpel of doubled flowers are degenerated and act petals.

This is nice to look at but completely useless for insects


Bees paradise roses have got single flowers and are thus very attractive for insects and contribute to the preservation of bees and others. Through their long flowering period they still offer food in late summer and autumn, when many plants have already quit

Besides group plantings in the garden you can also grow them in pots and tubs where our bees paradise roses are likewise flocked by bees. Combined with insect-friendly perennials it is easy to create a haven for our wingy friends..

Our wingy friends are also thankful for small bowls with water. Offer to them warm and dry spots in your garden, such as hedges, deadwood and piles of stones which they need to build their nests.

A rampant spot with pollen-rich and easy-care wild roses (Rosa rugosa, different varieties) offers food, nesting sites and shelter also to other animals and the roses expel their enchanting frangants in reward.

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