Payment / Dispatch

ayment terms for consumers

Payment can be effected either by Pay Pal or by bank wire transfer in advance.


Shipping cost  

Shipments world wide (except to Switzerland) are effected  by GLS or DHL (no rose standards). When shipping, you will receive a notification with the tracking number. Shipping time depends on the destination.

For consignments to Switzerland we will either use DHL and UPS.

Deliveries to  Croatia, Malta and Cyprus please enquire by e-mail. Shipping costs are calculated according to weight and box size.   







Packing and shipping costs for bare rooted roses and container roses within Germany: 

worth (only rose plants)

only rose plants (without standard rose)

with standard rose (as soon as a standard rose is included)
to 149,99 Euro 7,50 Euro 12,00 Euro
from 150,- Euro free shipping free shipping


Bare root roses are shipped from October / November to the end of April, right to the best planting time. Of course the plants will come in an appropriate packing. In the summer months there is no dispatch of bare-root rose plants due to seasonal reasons. Shipping of potted roses starts in mid-May, as long as stocks last.

Please note the planting instructions.

Shipping of container roses to Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark: from 16,90 Euro.

For delivery to other countries, please contact us (no small quantities). 


Packing and shipping costs for bare rooted roses 

(per box approx. 80 plants excl. standard, or 12 standards)

Country code


only rose plants (without standard rose)

with standard rose (as soon as a standard rose is included)

AT Austria 16,90 Euro 21,40 Euro





16,90 Euro

44,90 EUR

21,40 Euro

64,90 Euro

CH Switzerland (by DHL/UPS) 44,90 Euro 49,90 Euro
CZ Czechia 44,90 Euro 64,90 Euro
DK Denmark 16,90 Euro 21,40 Euro
E Spain (main land only)  37,90 Euro 52,90 Euro
EST Estonia 34,90 Euro 44,90 Euro
FI Finland 40,90 Euro 55,90 Euro
F France (main land only) 24,90 Euro 34,90 Euro
HU Hungary 44,90 Euro 64,90 Euro


Italy (main land only)

29,90 Euro

34,90 Euro

IRL Ireland

38,90 Euro

53,90 Euro
L Luxembourg 16,90 Euro 21,40 Euro
LI Liechtenstein (by DHL/UPS) 44,90 Euro 49,90 Euro
LT Lithuania 34,90 Euro 44,90 Euro
Latvia 34,90 Euro 44,90 Euro
NL The Netherlands 16,90 Euro 21,40 Euro
P Portugal (main land only) 44,90 Euro 64,90 Euro
PL Poland 24,90 Euro 34,90 Euro
RO Romania 42,90 Euro 62,90 Euro
S Sweden 29,90 Euro 44,90 Euro
SK Slovakia 44,90 Euro 64,90 Euro
SI Slovenia 52,90 Euro 62,90 Euro


Rosen Tantau Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG - Tornescher Weg 13 - 25436 Uetersen, Germany

General Manager: Christian Evers

New arrivals
Orienta® Farina

The flower pile withstands both heat and heavy rain; due to its ability to self-cleanse. Orienta® Farina shines in fresh pink even after a gray rainy day.. Buy now online!

Bees Paradise Rose® Bernstein

A bee paradise rose in oriental garb! The red markings in the centre of the flower reveal its Persica origin. Bees Paradise Rose® Bernstein grows compactly, is robust, insect-friendly and flowers in a warm apricot shade. Buy now online from one of Germany's largest rose breeders ✓


A sunshine in the garden. The shrub rose Spinelli blooms in optimistic yellow. Ceremonial christening at the Federal Horticultural Show 2023 in Mannheim/Germany.


Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

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Info, Planting & Care

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Which variety is the most scented rose?

You will find our most scented roses in the category “Fragrant roses”. The intensity is characterized by little stars. The more stars the higher the intensity

When is the best time for planting roses?

Roses can virtually be planted throughout the complete year except during extraordinary wheather conditions such as frozen soil, waterlogging and droughtiness

Best time for preparing the winter protection?

From mid to end of November, depending on the region.

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