Advice and Rose Care

Planting roses in pots

Of course, roses can be planted in a container instead of the garden. In this case, it should be noted that roses are particularly deep-rooted plants. Therefore, accommodate them with a large pot.  According to the growth form and height, they need a pot with much space, since the rose may die if the root depth is too shallow. Most container roses when purchased are only in "sale" pots, in which the roses should not stay longer than 1 to 2 years maximum.

The diameter of the pot is only important for the number of roses. However, when planting several roses together in one pot, the planting distance from each other should be maintained (this information can be found in each of our rose portraits). We recommend using special rose planting soil (low fertilizer soil) for planting roses in pots. When planting, proceed in the same way as in the garden, i.e. water, plant with the grafting point 5 cm into the ground and - in the case of bare-root roses - immediately pile.

Roses in pots need special protection from severe frost. Therefore, if possible, place the pot in a sheltered place (do not winter in the basement), possibly insulate it additionally (styrofoam, jute, coconut mat, bubble wrap). Pile the roses 20 cm high with soil over winter. Water from time to time, even in winter, avoiding waterlogging (e.g. place pots on small feet).

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