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Fragrant roses

Fragrant roses

The most magic feature of roses is their lovely fragrance. Here you will find all our roses with intensive fragrances (from 3 stars upwards). Of course everybody has got a different reception and so smell is difficult to determine.

* = light fragrance
** = moderate fragrance
*** = intensive fragrance
**** = very intensive fragrance
***** = overwhelming fragrance
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What are scented roses?

Roses and an intense scent are inseparable? A surprising number of people share this opinion. But that is not correct, because the majority of today's varieties only have a subtle scent. The reason: In the history of rose breeding, great emphasis has often been placed on particularly magnificent, double flowers, especially in the field of noble roses. A completely understandable focus, but one that was usually at the expense of the scent. It was only in the course of the 20th century that modern rose varieties with an intense scent were bred again. In principle, today a wide variety of rose varieties can also be scented roses at the same time: wild roses as well as shrub roses, climbing roses or hybrid tea roses. The use in the garden is clear: scented roses are best used where you can not only enjoy their attractive appearance, but also their smell. Placed near the windows, the flowers also exude their scent into the living rooms. Scented roses also look wonderful right next to seating. On larger plots, you can also add scent islands throughout the garden. In any case, be careful not to let individual varieties grow too close to each other so that the different smells do not complement each other unpleasantly.

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Eden Rose® 85

Eden Rose® 85 - eine überaus romantische Strauchrose. Cremeweiße Blüten mit Rosé farbigen Rand. Jetzt online bei Rosen Tantau kaufen ✓Qualitätsrosen von dem Spezialisten für Rosen mit über 100 Jahren Erfahrung ✓Telefonische Beratung u.v.m.


Die fröhlich-bunt blühende Strauchrose Tucan ist ein Hingucker im Garten. Kaufen Sie jetzt online bei einem der größten Rosenzüchter Deutschlands ✓Qualitätsrosen von dem Spezialisten für Rosen mit über 100 Jahren Erfahrung ✓Telefonische Beratung u.v.m.

Manhattan Blue®

Die halbgefüllten Blüten des Ramblers Manhattan Blue haben eine enorme Anziehungskraft auf Insekten. Kaufen Sie jetzt online bei einem der größten Rosenzüchter Deutschlands ✓Qualitätsrosen von dem Spezialisten für Rosen mit über 100 Jahren Erfahrung ✓Telefonische Beratung u.v.m.

Crème Brûlée®

A rose as sweet as its name. The beautiful flowers of the Créme Brûlée® bloom all summer long in a bright, warm colour. Buy online now from one of Germany's largest rose growers ✓Quality roses from the rose specialist with over 100 years of experience ✓Telephone advice and much more.


Which roses smell the strongest?

Which roses smell the strongest? Scent is a completely subjective perception and is evaluated differently by each person. Of course, the type of scent also varies from rose to rose: There are modern scented roses with a rather sweet or subtle aroma, while others have a more bitter and strong aroma. In our range you will therefore find an extensive selection of scented roses with different aroma variants. The Kaffe-Fassett floribunda rose, for example, has a particularly intense and very fruity scent. The name already gives it away: the roses “Fragrant Cloud” and “Blue Parfum” also have a very distinctive scent. Find out more about our fragrance star rating in our guide. Special features of scented roses: tips for care Traditionally, fragrant roses are considered to be rather complex to care for and not very robust: the strong scent potentially comes at the expense of the rose's health. Recently, however, more and more breeders have been able to produce healthy and fairly resilient scented roses. In our range you will find many variants with good leaf health. These roses are less susceptible to both leaf sooty mold and powdery mildew. A sunny to semi-shady spot is recommended as a location. In any case, you should avoid potential moisture on the leaves as much as possible: the location should be as airy as possible. So avoid being too close to other plants or other fragrant roses. When watering, be sure to avoid waterlogging and only water when it is actually dry. Inspect the leaves regularly and thoroughly for any diseases and treat if necessary. Before the first severe frost, fragrant roses should be piled up to a height of 20 cm with garden soil and covered - for example with brushwood or pine branches.

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