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Nostalgic roses®

Nostalgic roses®

Rosen Tantau has, for several years, been breeding and selecting their own group of roses, collectively known world wide as Nostalgic Roses®. After decades of rigorous testing in the rough Holstein climate we are able to offer you a very attractive range of very floriferous Nostalgic Roses®. These varieties are very healthy, vigorous, large flowered, fragrant and provide an outstanding display of glorious colours. During these years we have developed a small, but high quality assortment of charming varieties. The fragrance in the range of our Nostalgic roses is a special key point. Varieties with an exceptional, exciting fragrance are marked with a specific symbol.

Amongst these you will find bush roses, floribunda roses with large clusters of fragrant flowers, well branched climbing roses, the latter are excellent subjects for planting at the rear of the boarder.

Standards stems with Nostalgic Roses®, especially at 90cm, are execellent subject for displaying their fragrant flowers at nose height. Enjoy the charme and beauty of Nostalgic Roses® bred by Rosen Tantau!

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Pure nostalgia with our rose breeding

Roses are particularly impressive because of their wonderful appearance - which is exactly why we attach great importance to a beautiful, unusual appearance with our Nostalgie® roses. Various flower colors and color combinations are possible: cherry red or creamy white flowers are also available, as are soft pink or yellow versions. You also have a free choice when it comes to the growth and appearance of the plant, because in our Nostalgie® roses you will find compact bed or noble roses as well as bushy climbing roses with impressively pronounced shoots that need to be cut extensively in spring. We have also given a nostalgic touch to shrub roses, which show off their excellent properties, especially in small groups or as background plants. The rose stems of the nostalgic varieties are also of extremely great garden value, especially with a 90 cm crown height, which brings the beautiful flowers directly under the viewer's nose. The flowers of the nostalgic roses are also extremely large and magnificent and, depending on the variety, lavishly filled.

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Eden Rose® 85

Eden Rose® 85 - eine überaus romantische Strauchrose. Cremeweiße Blüten mit Rosé farbigen Rand. Jetzt online bei Rosen Tantau kaufen ✓Qualitätsrosen von dem Spezialisten für Rosen mit über 100 Jahren Erfahrung ✓Telefonische Beratung u.v.m.

Manhattan Blue®

Die halbgefüllten Blüten des Ramblers Manhattan Blue haben eine enorme Anziehungskraft auf Insekten. Kaufen Sie jetzt online bei einem der größten Rosenzüchter Deutschlands ✓Qualitätsrosen von dem Spezialisten für Rosen mit über 100 Jahren Erfahrung ✓Telefonische Beratung u.v.m.


Die fröhlich-bunt blühende Strauchrose Tucan ist ein Hingucker im Garten. Kaufen Sie jetzt online bei einem der größten Rosenzüchter Deutschlands ✓Qualitätsrosen von dem Spezialisten für Rosen mit über 100 Jahren Erfahrung ✓Telefonische Beratung u.v.m.

Crème Brûlée®

A rose as sweet as its name. The beautiful flowers of the Créme Brûlée® bloom all summer long in a bright, warm colour. Buy online now from one of Germany's largest rose growers ✓Quality roses from the rose specialist with over 100 years of experience ✓Telephone advice and much more.


A blooming sea of ​​scent for your property

It's the inner values ​​that matter: When selecting Nostalgie® roses, we place particular emphasis on the scent. You can easily find particularly strong and exciting scents: we have marked this part of the range with a scent symbol. Do you love heavy scents? Or do you particularly enjoy smelling fruity-smelling rose petals? Would you like to decorate your garden with particularly strong-smelling roses or are you looking for subtly scented plants for your living area? Our nostalgic range always has the perfect rose for you

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