Bedding roses

Classic bedding roses

Classic bedding roses

Bush roses are well branched thus creating a mass of flowers throughout the summer (June-October). Our range of bush roses includes the full range of flower colour and flower forms of roses. They are ideal for beds and borders and are frequently found also in communal gardens. Mixed planting of bush roses with herbaceous plants, especially groundcover plants, produce a very attractive display. Taller varieties are best planted at the back of the border. Most varieties reach a height of 50-80 cm, a few are taller. Planting in groups of at least three bush roses, spaced 30-40 cm (6-10 plants per qm) depending on plant vigour is ideal.

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Orienta® Aylin

The bright colours and marketable flower markings of the Orienta® Aylin Rose are a delight to our eyes. Buy online now from one of the largest rose breeders in Germany.

Dornburger Schlossrose

Rose pleasure with the Dornburger Schlossrose. Buy online now from one of the largest rose breeders in Germany!

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