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Bees paradise roses

Bees paradise roses

Bees paradise roses are very floriferous and bring joy and delight to every admirer of garden and nature. Their compact and bushy habit is almost cushion-shaped. All Bees paradise roses have got single or semi-double flowers which make it easy for bees and other insects to reach the pollen and nectar. Many years of observations on our selection fields have shown that bees and bumble bees love Bees paradise roses. The roses are really flocked around by the insects. All roses have good self-cleaning properties and are extraordinary robust. Bees paradise roses can be planted in sunny places in small groups or in borders of rockeries or in flower tubs. A very charming scene is achieved by combining the different varieties in one spot. Also combinations with perennials and shrubs form a beautiful atmosphere. The height depends on the variety and is between 40 -60 cm. Because of the caution-shaped growth at least 3 - 6 roses per sq. m should be planted.

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Orienta® Farina

The flower pile withstands both heat and heavy rain; due to its ability to self-cleanse. Orienta® Farina shines in fresh pink even after a gray rainy day.. Buy now online!

Bees Paradise Rose® Bernstein

A bee paradise rose in oriental garb! The red markings in the centre of the flower reveal its Persica origin. Bees Paradise Rose® Bernstein grows compactly, is robust, insect-friendly and flowers in a warm apricot shade. Buy now online from one of Germany's largest rose breeders ✓


A sunshine in the garden. The shrub rose Spinelli blooms in optimistic yellow. Ceremonial christening at the Federal Horticultural Show 2023 in Mannheim/Germany.

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