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Bee-friendly roses & bird food plants

Bee-friendly roses & bird food plants

Roses for a natural garden - a robust selection of varieties makes the use of pesticides superfluous. Insects and animal garden visitors are offered a safe habitat and sufficient food. In this way you provide for bees, insects and birds. 

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What are bees and bird food plants?

Garden lovers have long known: roses can do much more than just look beautiful. Many variants belong to the so-called bird food trees. The plants are therefore ideal for building a natural garden - a robust selection of varieties makes the use of pesticides unnecessary. Insects and animal garden visitors are offered a safe habitat and sufficient food. Put together your trees today and take care of bees, insects and birds!

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Rose package Bees paradise

Die ökologisch wertvollen Bienenweiden Rosen blühen den ganzen Sommer und bieten reichlich Pollen für Bienen und Hummeln. Jetzt online kaufen bei einem der der größten Rosenzüchter Deutschlands ✓ Qualitätsrosen von dem Spezialisten für Rosen mit über 100 Jahren Erfahrung ✓Telefonische Beratung u.v.m.

Fragrant Rose Package 5 x Tantop® Royal

his fragrance pack promises and delivers a wonderful rose fragrance in the garden. Beguilingly beautiful and fragrant blooms in a wonderful colour combination. Buy online now at Rosen Tantau ✓ Quality roses from the rose specialist with over 100 years of experience ✓Advice by phone and much more.


Bees and bird food plants from Rosen Tantau: enrichment for people and nature

The perfect combination of beauty and practical benefits for people and animals: At Rosen Tantau you will find a large selection of attractive bees and bird food plants. Whether roses with lush and richly filled flowers or more delicate plants, whether pink, red, yellow or white petals - there is something here for every taste. Above all, would you like to make the ground area of ​​your property nature-friendly and attractive at the same time? Many of our groundcover roses are suitable for this.Also some climbing roses are often used as bird feeders - and enrich any property with their impressive growth and pleasant scent.
Would you like to offer birds a real culinary treat? Then our Strandperle® roses are exactly the right choice: Over the course of the summer, rose hips grow here, which birds like to peck and eat. Visually, the vitamin-rich fruits are of course a real enrichment to the garden and provide a nice touch of color, especially in the cooler, often gray season. Another plus: The Strandperle® roses are considered particularly robust and resilient.

Easy-care and robust flowers

In addition to their benefits for the local wildlife and their beauty, our bird food plants have another advantage: many variants are extremely robust, easy to care for and undemanding. They are characterized by high leaf health and are less susceptible to common rose diseases such as powdery mildew or sooty mold. Also interesting for plant care: you will also find so-called self-cleaning roses in our range. There is no need to remove faded flowers, they simply fall to the ground - and even then beautify the surrounding

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