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ADR® roses

ADR® roses

The experts of the General German Rose Novelty Assessment examine rose novelties during a period of three years at eleven different sites throughout Germany.

Only if the rose meets the requirements of floriferousness, fragrance, appearance of the flower, habit, winter hardiness and an extraordinary resistance against diseases, the rose is granted the wanted ADR®-title.

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Testing according to strict criteria

The term "ADR® rose" has been around since the 1950s. At that time, the famous rose breeder Wilhelm Kordes (Germany) established the so-called ADR® test. The aim: because so many new rose varieties were being created every year, he wanted an objective way of judging new varieties. Various criteria are relevant for the ADR® test of a rose variety. In addition to winter hardiness and abundant flowering, the growth habit, flowering effect and scent of the rose varieties are also evaluated.

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So-called test gardens for budding ADR® roses can be found throughout Germany. The test varieties of ADR® roses are cultivated and regularly evaluated at 11 locations in the country. If a variety has been cultivated here for three years, a decision is made as to whether it receives the ADR® label. There are currently around 160 official ADR® roses. By far not every rose variety cultivated in a test garden makes it to the award - around 1,500 varieties have so far gone away empty-handed or lost the award in the years following the test.

Choose the right type of rose!

In the extensive range of Rosen Tantau you will find different types of ADR® roses - in addition to noble roses and climbing roses, we also have bed roses and shrub roses on offer for you. You also have the choice when it comes to the shape and color of the flowers – whether pink, white or yellow, whether delicate and fine or lushly filled! In addition to their attractive appearance, the ADR® roses in our range also impress with their robustness: their resistance to leaf diseases such as powdery mildew or sooty mold is outstanding. Do you want ADR® roses with scent? At Rosen Tantau you will find varieties with a more intense or less scent.

ADR® roses: Beautiful and robust

The care of ADR® roses is fundamentally no different from that of other rose varieties. The best time to plant roses is autumn; a sunny and sheltered but airy location is ideal. For optimal conditions, choose soil that is as humus-rich, water-permeable and deep as possible. Water regularly, but avoid waterlogging. Fertilizer is recommended twice a year. ADR® roses are extremely happy to bloom. You can support this characteristic by pruning carefully in the spring.

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