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Potted Roses

Potted Roses

From May to October/November, we offer a large selection of potted roses, including standard roses in pots and tubs. These can be planted in any frost-free weather.

Shipping of container roses starts in mid-May. For some varieties of hybrid tea roses, solitary tubs and potted standard roses, shipping starts in June.

We are happy to take your pre-orders!

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Rooted potted roses from Rosen Tantau: handy and easy to grow

Potted roses, i.e. roses that are sold in stores in practical and handy tubs or pots, are, so to speak, the opposite of bare-root roses: the ball of the pot with soil is already well rooted and the plant is growing because it has already sprouted, without any starting difficulties move on quickly. Planting is also possible when it is in bloom. In our extensive range you will find different types of roses seasonally, also in pot versions - for example climbing roses, Shrub roses, Floribunda roses or rambler roses. Of course, you also have the choice between plants with different intense scents and different flower and growth forms. Would you like to buy potted roses from Rosen Tantau? Shipping generally starts in mid-May, and we ship some varieties of noble roses and solitary pots from mid-June. We are happy to accept your pre-orders. Because potted roses can generally be planted in any frost-free weather, especially in summer, we offer you a selection of our garden roses from the Rosen Tantau breeding workshop in pots or patio pots in early summer - while stocks last!

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Rose package Bees paradise

Die ökologisch wertvollen Bienenweiden Rosen blühen den ganzen Sommer und bieten reichlich Pollen für Bienen und Hummeln. Jetzt online kaufen bei einem der der größten Rosenzüchter Deutschlands ✓ Qualitätsrosen von dem Spezialisten für Rosen mit über 100 Jahren Erfahrung ✓Telefonische Beratung u.v.m.

Fragrant Rose Package 5 x Tantop® Royal

his fragrance pack promises and delivers a wonderful rose fragrance in the garden. Beguilingly beautiful and fragrant blooms in a wonderful colour combination. Buy online now at Rosen Tantau ✓ Quality roses from the rose specialist with over 100 years of experience ✓Advice by phone and much more.

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