Advice and Rose Care

Winter protection on standard roses

Fertilization adjusted to the season is a good preparation for a cold winter. In addition, roses should not be cut from mid-September to avoid new shoots before winter.

Before the first heavy frosts come at the end of November, you should protect standard roses especially well from the cold, because the grafting points are not hidden in the ground, but are high up in the open. The information on winter hardiness can be found in the individual rose portraits. The more stars are assigned, the higher the winter hardiness. More info on the winter hardiness stars can be found here!

Before you wrap your rose favorites well, cut off any dead flowers and remove diseased and dead plant parts that are otherwise a haven for fungus, bacteria or rot.

If using a rose hood, slightly shorten the shoots. Fill in the leafless crown with fir brushwood or straw, especially around the grafting points. Alternatively, the crown can be protected with gardener's fleece, jute, or fir branches tied like roof tiles.  

The stem itself needs to be wrapped only in cold regions. For this purpose also gardener's fleece or pipe insulation from the heating construction is suitable.

Still young standard roses you can also bend down and let the crown spent the winter covered with earth.  You can fix the bent stems with hooks or stakes.



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