Baptism of the rose Sirius® in Denmark

Synonym-Taufe der Rose Sirius® in Dänemark auf den Namen Dronning Dorothea

On the occasion of the rose day organized in cooperation with Rosenskelsab Trekanten at the Geografisk Have (Geography Garden) in Kolding, Denmark, our award-winning rose Sirius® was ceremoniously baptized with the synonym "Dronning Dorothea", which will from now on be used in Denmark.

We are very honored that Her Excellency Countess Sussie von Rosenborg could be won as the godmother.  

Dronning is Danish and means "Queen". The rose was therefore baptized in the name of a queen. Dronning Dorothea was a German princess from the House of Lauenburg-Saxony and lived in the 16th century. After her marriage to the later Christian III, she became Queen of Denmark and Norway.



A relic of this period is this traditional dress, which was kindly loaned for this event by the Antiquarian Society of Ribe.




Our partner Mrs. Meike Busch and our breeding manager Mr. Jens Krüger took part in the festivities. 

In her speech, Mrs. Meike Busch emphasized how many years of careful breeding work are needed to obtain a healthy, robust rose that meets all the strict quality requirements of Rosen Tantau.  

Read the entire speech of Mrs. Busch here: Speech




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