Delicacies with rose petals

Flavored scented rose drink

This refreshing drink with aroma of fragrant roses attracts all eyes:

6 - 7 scented rose petals in

1.5 l of still water for 6 - 8 hours. 

Please use only untreated scented rose petals! If there is still a white flower base, it should be removed with fine scissors.

Relax comfortably with rose petal tea from your garden

Relax comfortably with rose petal tea from your garden
Fresh or dried rose petals can be used for your little time out. The fragrant aroma of the tea promotes relaxation.

What you need:

500 g scented rose petals

1 pair of rose pruners

1 pair of fine scissors

Paper towel

Please use only untreated scented rose blossoms! Cut the rose blossoms with scissors. Pluck off the rose petals and cut off the hard leaf base with fine scissors, checking for insect infestation. Spread the petals thinly on a paper towel in a shady and warm place. When dry, store the unchopped leaves in a tightly sealed tin.

Rose petal mint tea

Mint is particularly kind to the stomach and promotes digestion, in addition it has a refreshing effect. For this tea blend you need 50 g of dried rose petals and 100 g of dried mint leaves.

Roughly chop the dried rose petals and mint leaves, pour hot water over one teaspoon for one cup of tea and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. Strain and enjoy!




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