Did you know ...

... how a new rose is created?

First of all, we must distinguish between rose breeding and rose production. Rose breeding is a one-time process and the creation of a single unique new variety. This is followed by a long selection process from the best of many new, unique roses. Only a few specialized companies breed new varieties of roses, among them is Rosen Tantau as one of the largest breeders. This process is followed by the rose production and propagation of the new and, of course, the already well-known varieties. Some (rose) nurseries propagate the roses and for this they get the propagation material from the breeder.

Rose breeding

The rose breeder needs eight to ten years to bring out a new rose variety. It starts with the crossing of two rose varieties. In this process, the breeder takes the work away from the insects and pollinates each rose flower by hand. After the developed rose hips have been harvested, the seeds from them are sown in winter. Pretty, interesting and robust varieties are then further propagated and observed. At the end of this selection process, only a very few new varieties remain to be marketed.


Pollen                                                         Pollination                                                  Rose hips develop


Sowing                                                       Seedlings                                                      Selection on the field
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