Roses for a natural garden - how to care for bees, insects and birds

Throughout the summer, all open and semi-double flowering rose varieties are welcome landing sites for pollen collection for bees, bumblebees and other flying insects. By planting these roses, you are making a valuable contribution to preserving the so important insect population.
Especially for a natural garden, the nature lover wants healthy and robust plants, so that the use of pesticides is unnecessary. This protects the environment and provides a safe habitat for wildlife visitors to the garden.

Not only our Bees Paradise® roses are in great demand by bees and their friends due to their abundance of flowers, their open blossoms and their long blooming period, but also many other varieties are extremely bee-friendly. For larger bedding, the extremely healthy varieties Candela®, Salsa®, Lipstick® , Loki®, Sweet Haze® and the LandFrauen Rose® are ideal.
All varieties carry the valuable ADR® award, given to them for exceptional resistance.
Among climbing roses, Libertas® and Perennial Blue are the absolute favorites of busy pollen gatherers. And for lovers of fragrant roses, we also have charming rose varieties for the nature lover and rose enthusiast.

The varieties of Rosa rugosa Foxi®, Red Foxi®, Hansa and our Strandperle® Amrum and Strandperle® Norderney exude a wonderful fragrance of wild roses. These robust, undemanding varieties produce lush rose hips in late summer, which not only serve as vitamin-rich food for birds, but also display beautiful, brightly colored highlights in the autumn garden.

Larger properties can be made more natural by planting park roses and wild roses. This additionally creates shelter and retreat for bird breeding and nursery.
These roses show a pristine charm in growth and blooming during the flowering period and form enchanting rose hips in the most diverse colors and shapes in late summer.
The Rosa sweg. Macrocarpa and the Rosa Moyesii have a romantic overhanging growth and bear bottle-shaped fruits. The striking Rosa omeiensis pteracantha captivates in its appearance with its bright red spines and can thus become an extravagant eye-catcher.

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