Roses not only look great - they taste great too!

Roses not only look great - they taste great too!

Have you ever tried to make a delicious spread from the fruits of the rose, the rose hips? No? Well, go ahead, because the taste is great and a nicely packaged spread is a lovely and unusual gift.

The thick, plump rose hips of the Rosa rugosa, such as Strandperle® Amrum or Strandperle® Norderney, are particularly suitable for this purpose.

You can harvest continuously and freeze the fruits after cleaning. When you have stocked up sufficiently, the jam cooking can start.

This is how it works:

You will need

  • 1500 g rose hips (the fruits become even sweeter when exposed to freezing temperatures, e.g. in the freezer)
  • ca. 1000 ml water or orange juice
  • 500 g jam sugar 2:1


Remove the stalks and the bottom of the blossoms from the rose hips. Then simmer them for at least one hour together with the seeds. Keep stirring well, adding a little liquid if necessary to prevent burning.

Afterwards, pass the cooled fruit pulp through a filter. This retains the seeds and makes the mixture nice and creamy.


Then boil the fruit pulp with the appropriate amount of jam sugar and pour into previously well rinsed jam jars.

Of course, you can flavor the spread as desired. Perhaps with a vanilla bean? Or orange liqueur? Just let your imagination run wild, it's fun and puts you in a good mood!

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