The colours of rose hips

Already now in August begins the autumn coloration of rose hips of some rose varieties. This can be seen in Strandperle® Amrum and Strandperle® Norderney, which belong to the Rosa rugosa group. While we cut back the faded flowers of modern garden roses in order to stimulate the formation of new flower sprouts, we should refrain from doing so with park and wild roses and Rosa rugosa in favor of the formation of fruit.

With Rosa rugosa varieties, however, partial pruning after flowering is a good idea, so you can enjoy new flowers and rose hips at the same time (just leave some faded flowers on the bush).

The colorful fruits attract all eyes in autumn and winter. Some rose varieties are planted for this very reason, such as the magnificent rosehip Rosa sweginzowii "Macrocarpa". Countless colors and shapes are produced by nature. Thus, there are small, round, elongated, yellowish, red, brown and blackish, even prickled rose hips.

By planting roses carrying rose hips, you will make a valuable contribution to biodiversity in your garden, the rich pollen of the flowers feed flying insects and the precious fruits serve as vitamin-rich food for many animal inhabitants of the garden.

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