PrimaKlima™ Roses Part 1

Even after a short standing time of about two years (provided that the roses are well rooted) it is unlikely that a rose plant will die in a summer drought. The roots of roses reach one meter deep, occassionally even deeper. As a result, roses still reach ground zones that carry water when the surface is already dried out.
By the way, the roses in our fields do not receive any additional water at all.....

Roses are therefore among the most reliable garden plants and take current challenges provided by weather and climate rather calmly.


Too hot for roses ...

... it may get, but the plant itself will hardly be damaged. The optimal temperatures at which roses fully develop their flowers are between 22°C and 26°C. From 30°C on some frequently flowering varieties sprout faster, but usually bear smaller and paler flowers in prolonged heat. If it gets even hotter, growth may stop until the heat period is over - but then it will continue as usual.



What do rain and heat do to the flowers?

The petals make the difference: the firmer, more leathery the petals are, the less water is lost through evaporation. However, varieties with firm petals are not only well equipped for summer heat, they can also cope well with heavy rain storms.

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