PrimaKlima™ Roses Part 2

In part 1 we already reported that our roses cope particularly well with drought and many of our varieties also with heavy rainfalls. With their low water demand, our roses are a solid response to climate change that also affects our gardens.


But unlike many other garden plants, they are also particularly sustainable. Simply because of the very high life expectancy of over 10 years, sometimes even over 50 years, our roses are an investment in the future. One of our breeding goals for many years has been to make our rose plants particularly robust. Thus, our varieties have long stopped being the dreaded "divas", but good friends that can accompany us for a very long time.    

Compared to annual or biannual plants, they are much more economic in terms of resource consumption for packaging material and soil as well as fuel and freight space for transport, because once planted, there is no need to replant soon. This protects the environment, as fewer pots are produced and fewer rose plants are transported on the roads. The bogs, which are very important for CO2 storage, are also protected by the low planting soil consumption, because the soils often contain a lot of peat. At Rosen Tantau, however, we have been working continuously for quite some time to reduce this peat component more and more.

This is even more favorable when bare rooted roses are planted. Not only are they delivered without a pot and soil, they also take up much less space in the boxes. This also means less freight volume and possibly less transport traffic.

Fall is just the right time to plant our roses. Why? Because now the damp and cool season begins. From the beginning of fall, the nights are longer than the days again and so the moisture from rain or dew can penetrate the soil deeply. This, in turn, is the ideal basis for the roses, because they now have enough time to develop the necessary fiber roots over the dark season in moist soil. And there is no or hardly any need for additional watering.

You can find our extensive range of PrimaKlima™ roses here.


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