Queens & Kings - Awards 2019 - 2024

Our crowned roses

Every year, the rose world eagerly awaits the award ceremonies of the major rose trials!

Breeders from all over the world send their new varieties to the rose trials. This is an opportunity to measure oneself against the competition, to find out how the new roses cope in foreign climates, to identify new trends and to exchange experiences with breeder friends.

The varieties are planted in the test gardens and regularly evaluated by judges over several years. Depending on the region, there are different requirements for the adaptation of the roses to the climatic conditions and soils.

Each competition also has its own priorities and requirements. For example, some place particular emphasis on leaf health, rose fragrance, habit in the pot, others on self-cleaning of the flowers and thus a good image in the public green.

The awards with which our roses are crowned mean high praise for us growers.

We would like to share our joy with you and invite you to the courtyard of our Queens & Kings:


Rose variety Competition Award
Baden-Baden / Germany
Gold medal & Golden Rose
  Nyon / Switzerland Certificate de Merite
Arifa® Baden-Baden / Germany Silver medal
Bienenweide® Rosa Saverne / France Certificate de Merite
  SNHF / France 1. place
  Warschau / Poland Silver medal B
  Lottum / Netherlands Excellence Rose 
Camelot® Swedish Rose Society Rose of year 2022
Candela® Hradec Kralové / Tschechien 1. prize groundcover roses
  Warschau / Poland Gold medal groundcover roses
Circle of Life® Paris / France 2nd place of the whole competition
  Nyon /  Switzerland Golden Rose
Deep Love® Nyon /  Switzerland Grand Prix of all categories
Desireé® Den Haag /  Netherlands Silver medal TH
Divina® German rose novelity trial ADR®
  Warschau / Poland Silver medal A
  Barcelona / Spain Castell de Sant Foix Best Scented Rose 
  Saverne / France Fragrance Award
  Saverne / France Certificate de Merite
  Paris / France  
Dornburger Schlossrose Baden-Baden / Germany Gold medal TH
  Germany ADR®
  Bologna / Italy Gold medal HT
  Orléans / France Silver medal
Friedenslicht® Hradec Kralové / Tschechien 2nd place shrub roses
Hansestadt Rostock® German Rose Society GRF e.V. Rose of year 2020
Hot Lady® Orléans / France Fragrance Award
Lady Capri® Paris / France Best TH
  Paris / France Children's prize
  Baden-Baden / Germany Silver medal
  Nyon / Switzerland Gold medal TH
Lancelot® Saverne / Francd Best rose of the competition
  Grand Prix de la Rose, SNHF 1st place shrub roses
LandFrauen Rose® Le Roeulx / Belgium Silver medal groundcover roses
Loki Orléans / France Silver medal
Love Letter® Monaco Gold medal
Manora® Rumbeke / Belgium Silver medal
Marlene® Portland / USA Best TH
Martin Luther Rose Warschau / Poland Bronc medal B
Matthias Claudius Rose Baden-Baden / Germany Prize of Honour of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  Barcelona / Spain 2nd place shrub rosen
  Orléans / France Silver medal
  Lyon / France Best shrub rose 
  German Rose Society GRF e.V. Rose of Year 2021
  Lyon / France Prize for resistance and good flowering behaviour
Mauritia® Kortrijk / Belgium Best scented Rose (Gold Medal)
  Barcelona / Spanien Amis des Jardins Best scented Rose
  Baden-Baden / Germany Bronce medal & Fragrance Award
  Nyon / Switzerland Certificate de Merite
  Bologna / Italy UNIBO Silver medal TH & Rose of year Villa Abbondanzi
  Le Roeulx / Belgium Grand Prix de la Ville de Roeulx & Gold medal & Best scented rose
Maxim® Germany ADR®
  Netherlands Excellence Rose
Melusina® Warschau / Poland Silver medal
Noblesse® Madrid / Spain Best scented Rose
Nostalgie® Den Haag / Netherlands Public Award
Orienta® Aylin Baden-Baden / Germany Bronce medal groundcover roses
Orienta® Laila Barcelona / Spain Best shrub rose
  Baden-Baden / Germany Gold medal shrub roses
Orienta® Magnolia Orléans / France Silver medal ground cover roses
  Den Haag / Netherlands Recommandation certificate
Orienta® Shila Baden-Baden / Germany Silver medal groundcover roses & Honorary Prize of the Ministry
  Nyon / Switzerland Silver medal shrub roses.
  Bologna / Italy Bronce medal groundcover roses
Pacific Blue® Echigo / Japan Gold medal TH / Grandiflora
Perennial Domino® Baden-Baden / Germany Gold medal & Golden Rose & Honorary Award of the German Rose Society
  Bologna / Italy Gold medal and Public Award
Pinocchio® Barcelona / Spain Best groundcover rose
  Warschau / Poland Silver medal A
  Orléans / France Coup de Coeur
  Nyon / Switzerland Gold medal shrub roses
Salsa® Den Haag /  Netherlands Gold medal A
  Warschau / Poland Silver medal
Theodor Fontane Rose® Den Haag /  Netherlands Recommandation certificate
  Orléans / France Best bedding rose
  Paris / France Best bedding rose
Tropicana® Barcelona / Spain Fragrance Award of the Spanish Garden Society
Wildberry® Warschau / Poland Bronce medal B
  Den Haag / Netherlands Bronce medal TH
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