Roses - great eyecatcher for pots

Pot suitable varieties are all varieties that are not too high or very compact in growth. Roses can remain in sufficiently large planters for several years with good nutrient supply. Liquid fertilizers are the way to go here to provide good nutrition for roses.

However, pot roses do require a bit more attention than garden roses. A good, sunny location also matters here, and in hot summers, congested heat should be avoided. Ensure consistent soil moisture, i.e. water regularly. To encourage new flower buds to form, simply cut off faded flowers regularly.

The diameter of the pot is only important for the number of roses. However, when planting several roses together in one planter, the planting distance from each other should be approximately maintained (this information can be found in each of our rose portraits). We recommend using special rose planting soil (low fertilizer soil) for planting roses in pots. When planting, proceed in the same way as in the garden, i.e. water, plant with grafting point 5 cm into the ground and - in the case of bare-root roses - immediately pile up.

Very pretty: violets, horned violets or Campanula as companion plants in the pot, thus creating a beautiful ensemble on your terrace or balcony.

These roses are especially suitable for planting in pots:

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses

Mini-Climbing Roses

(Starlet® Roses)

Lady Capri®    
Augusta Luise® Ascot® Starlet® Rose Eva®
Capri® Avec Amour® Starlet® Rose Melina®
Eisvogel® Desirée Starlet® Rose Carmen®
Mary Ann® Frohsinn® Starlet® Rose Lizzy®
Nostalgie® Dornburger Schlossrose Starlet® Rose Elida®
Piano® Maleica® Starlet® Rose Alina®
Schöne Maid®  

Starlet® Rose Natalie® 

Wildberry®   Starlet® Rose Lola®

Bedding Roses

Beddind Roses

Patio Roses

Baronesse® Aspirin®
Mariatheresia® Alabaster® Biedermeider®
Midsummer® Kaffe Fasset® Hobby®
  Hansestadt Rostock® Heidi Klum Rose®  
  Morning Sun®  
  Baronin zu Guttenberg Rose®  
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