PrimaKlima™ Roses Part 3

Our PrimaKlima™ roses, as you have read in Part 1 and Part 2, are a good choice to make our gardens more climate-friendly. But they also hold other benefits for our natural world, providing food and shelter for our garden wildlife.


Habitat Climbing Roses:


Climbing roses, whether they snake up the house, walls or trees: birds like to build their nests in these roses to protect their offspring from predators with the prickly branches. If the flowers are open or half-open, they offer insects a good source of food due to the easily accessible pollen.




Habitat Shrub and Bedding Roses:

Small mammals such as hedgehogs like to hide under the usually prickly branches of these roses. There they are well protected from prying eyes. And the rose hips are valued as a reliable food source by birds and other garden animals until winter.


Habitat Ground Cover Roses:

Roses of this growth form shade the ground with their arching, overhanging branches and help retain the moisture. When the soil is moist, soil inhabitants such as earthworms feel at home. Earthworms and other insects living in the soil transform dead plant parts and leaves into valuable humus. This, in return, can better store rainwater or irrigation water and the plants are pleased with the organically enriched soil.



Roses are taproots, which means that they develop a very long root (up to over 1 meter) that grows relatively vertically into the depth and thus breaks through various soil layers. The soil is broken up in this way and as a result the soil structure is improved. In addition, roses can even reach water-bearing layers when the surface soil has already dried out.


If we provide shelter and food for our animal garden inhabitants, we are rewarded with a more stable balance between beneficial insects and parasites. For example, the hedgehog keeps slugs under control, tits and ladybugs feast on aphids, and wild bees and other insects pollinate our crops. And our feathered friends delight us with their cheerful songs.

Here you will find all our PrimaKlima™ roses: To the assortment

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